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80’s Themed Trivia Night – Vol. 1

Decade themed trivia nights are hugely popular and we’ve got your 80’s themed trivia night ready to ROCK! We cover music and bands of the 1980’s, popular fads, the biggest sports stars, and the best TV shows! Set up your themed 80’s night and encourage your players to show up in their best 80’s gear for bonus points! Be sure to queue up an “80’s Hits” playlist to really set the mood! You’ll find some inspiration in this game’s music themed Matching Round!


Need help running the game? We got you covered! Printed instructions and walkthrough are included with every game purchase plus we have this nifty free online tutorial you can watch. It’s just 8 minutes long and gives you a full walkthrough of our game from start to finish. Please note that individual games may include slightly different materials and bonus rounds that are not covered in the tutorial, but the same game format applies.


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