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Game Rules & Format

Our Unique Trivia Format Will Keep People Coming Back.

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The Rounds

  4 Category Rounds

You will get 4 “General Answer Sheets” at the start of the game.  A Q&A round in which we ask 4 questions from a wide variety of topics. For each you will have to assign a different point value (based on how sure your team is). You can circle 1 – 3 – 5 – 7 points for a total of 16.

  3 Handout rounds

During these surprise rounds we will hand out a separate sheet and your team will work together to complete it and hand it in. These handouts include a picture round, a matching round, and a crossword puzzle round.
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  Plot Twist Round

It’s the final question round where the unexpected can happen and any team is capable of sneaking in from behind and winning it all! We will give you the category for one final question. Starting with the team in the lead, each team will have to wager from zero to all of their points based on their knowledge of that category.

The Game Changer

  Double Down

You will have the option to check a “Double Down” box each round to risk all your points and effectively double your points (for that round) if ALL your answers are correct. But be careful! Double Down ONLY: if you think ALL your answers are correct. One wrong answer and you’ll receive ZERO POINTS for that round.

The Winner

Total the points after the final Plot Twist Round and the team with the most points is the winner for the evening.


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