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Christmas & Holiday Theme Trivia – Vol. 2

Get ready for a holly jolly Christmas-themed trivia night! In Round 1, test your general knowledge with questions about the date of Christmas, the color of mistletoe berries, and Christmas carol lyrics. Round 2 brings a blast from the past as you identify popular toys from the last 50 years. Dive into the world of Christmas movies in Round 3, with questions about actors in The Muppet Christmas Carol, memorable moments in The Polar Express, and details about Home Alone. Round 4 turns up the chill factor as you match chilly songs with their artists. The Mystery Theme Round in Round 5 takes a surprising twist, linking non-Christmas questions to a Christmas theme. Get creative in Round 6 as you complete book titles with Christmas words. The final Plot Twist Round adds a mathematical challenge, testing your Christmas math skills! It’s a festive and brain-teasing holiday trivia celebration!

Need help running the game? We got you covered! Printed instructions and walkthrough are included with every game purchase plus we have this nifty free online tutorial you can watch. It’s just 8 minutes long and gives you a full walkthrough of our game from start to finish. Please note that individual games may include slightly different materials and bonus rounds that are not covered in the tutorial, but the same game format applies.


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