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All Purpose Trivia Volume #7

Get ready for a whirlwind of knowledge and romance in this all-purpose trivia game suitable for any occasion! In Round 1, test your general knowledge with questions ranging from California airport names to former Trump administration officials. Then, dive into the world of cinema with Round 2’s picture round, where you’ll match iconic wedding scenes to their respective movies. Animal enthusiasts will enjoy Round 3, where they’ll learn about apex predators, Amazon river dolphins, and the fascinating origins of castoreum. For those feeling the Valentine’s Day spirit, Round 4 offers a heartwarming matching round, pairing beloved heroes with their equally beloved love interests. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Round 5 introduces a mystery theme round, challenging players to identify the connection between classic children’s stories and modern dating apps. Round 6 adds a touch of romance with a Valentine’s Day-themed crossword, featuring clues ranging from Billy Joel lyrics to French expressions of love. And for the ultimate twist, Round 7 explores the elements of the periodic table in a plot twist round that’s sure to spark some scientific intrigue. With a tie-breaker question that’s as challenging as it is obscure, this trivia game promises an evening filled with laughter, learning, and friendly competition.



  • A complete trivia night!

  • 4 Rounds of themed Questions & Answers

  • 1 Picture Round Handout

  • 1 Crossword Puzzle Round Handout

  • 1 Matching Round Handout

  • 1 “Mystery Theme” Round

  • 1 Final “Plot Twist” Round

  • Complete Printable Instructions & Online Tutorial

  • Answer Sheets

  • Printable Scorecard and Automated Excel Scorecard

Need help running the game? We got you covered! Printed instructions and walkthrough are included with every game purchase plus we have this nifty free online tutorial you can watch. It’s just 8 minutes long and gives you a full walkthrough of our game from start to finish. Please note that individual games may include slightly different materials and bonus rounds that are not covered in the tutorial, but the same game format applies.


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