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All Purpose Trivia Volume #5

Get ready for a trivia adventure spanning various topics and formats! In Round 1, test your knowledge pop culture, including the first album by a famous singer-songwriter who recently passed away. Round 2 introduces a picture round featuring famous orphans from various stories. In Round 3, delve into the world of comic strips, identifying strips set in the Viking Age and navigating confusing editions. Round 4 challenges you to match bands with their lead singers, covering iconic groups like The Who and The Clash. The mystery theme in Round 5 unfolds through questions related to Wonderland, Greek prefixes, lead vocalists, and Hindu gods. Round 6, set at the bar, presents crossword clues related to drinks and beverages. The final Plot Twist Round takes you back to classic games, specifically the original Operation. Get ready for a fun-filled night of trivia!

Need help running the game? We got you covered! Printed instructions and walkthrough are included with every game purchase plus we have this nifty free online tutorial you can watch. It’s just 8 minutes long and gives you a full walkthrough of our game from start to finish. Please note that individual games may include slightly different materials and bonus rounds that are not covered in the tutorial, but the same game format applies.


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