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AHOY! My name is Phil Farda. I’m a comedian and independent comedy producer. I’ve designed Stage Time Trivia with comedians in mind. After hosting a series of trivia nights for the past 3 years and playing along at a number of other trivia nights one thing has become abundantly clear: the host makes the game! A funny, charismatic host with a sharp wit and personality will stand out and give players a truly entertaining trivia experience. BUT every great host needs great content, and that’s where we come in… Stage Time is well rounded trivia with a sense of humor. We do all the work and build you an entertaining, fresh trivia game each and every week that is simple to download and run. All you have to do is show up and entertain! You won’t need to be a professional comedian either. If you’ve got an outgoing personality and are comfortable talking in front of a crowd you can start your own trivia night. The goal is to help comedians, individuals, and business owners set up their own affordable and profitable trivia night.



If you’re a working comic or an outgoing, Three Phils Lineupmotivated individual hosting your own trivia night can be a great source of additional income while allowing you to get stage time and develop your craft. We do all the hard work and make it simple by providing you with interesting, well-rounded content each week. You just add your personality. The trivia master sheet included with each download is in an editable Word document format which allows you to add notes, jokes, and ideas before you print. You’ll spend approximately 2 hours running your own trivia night from start to finish and bars will pay between $100-200 per night to have this service handled professionally. If you’re a working comedian trivia is a great way to fill those Monday-Wednesday gaps in your schedule while still getting you up in front of an audience.


Photo-17If you’re in the bar/restaurant business you get the majority of your traffic on the weekends, Friday and Saturday, but how do you increase your traffic during the slower weeknights? A trivia night is a great solution and several bars currently run some form of trivia. The problem is that the majority of trivia nights suffer the same problem: they lack personality, variety and the questions are either too easy, or way too hard. Stage Time Trivia is the solution to these problems. We offer a truly unique format that is written and compiled by comedians. Our game is well balanced with a great variety of different rounds, questions, and handouts.

You have options with Stage Time Trivia:

  • You can use our content and hire a professional to run your night. It costs more to pay a professional host, but the advantages are numerous. You’ll have someone to manage and run your trivia night, allowing you to focus on the other aspects of your business. You’ll get a local personality with experience who will entertain your audience and help promote the night and generate traffic.
  • You can use our content and run the game yourself. This is an excellent option for smaller bars with a limited entertainment budget that may not be able to afford a professional host. Our game includes step-by-step instructions and is simple for anyone to pick up and run.
  • Using our content and hosting the game yourself can allow you to offer a weekly trivia night for as little as $30 each week.


stage100x100I’m pretty pumped to have just launched the website in February 2016 and will be developing and adding new content throughout the year. The website is designed to be an ongoing resource to help both comedians and venues make the most of their trivia nights. You can expect trivia and comedy related blog posts similar to this one covering a variety of topics including host topics like:

  • Helping comedians and hosts locate, qualify, and book trivia nights.
  • How to properly value your product; pricing and charging for hosting.
  • Tips and tricks for setting up and hosting the live game.
  • How to promote your trivia night and your personal brand.

and venue related topics such as:

  • What to expect when starting a new trivia night.
  • How to best promote your night and attract a new crowd for trivia.
  • When should you hire a professional host vs. when should you just purchase content and DIY
  • How to make the most of your trivia night traffic.
  • Turning trivia players into bar regulars.

We will also be developing and adding additional resources such as:

  • Promotional kits with poster, flyer, and business card templates.
  • A simple one-page contract template for hosts.
  • An interactive map to help hosts locate potential trivia locations in their area.

Thank you for visiting Stage Time Trivia and please contact me if you have any questions.


Phil Farda is the comedian behind Stage Time Trivia. He lives in Utica, NY, a small city nestled in Upstate New York near the Adirondacks and Canada. He lives with his fiancé Laura and while they have no plans for children, they are both huge dog lovers and have every intention of adopting a rescue. Phil is 35 years old and spent the majority of his life working in customer service and retail sales for wireless communications before taking the leap as a comedian and entrepreneur. The nearest comedy club is located over 50 miles away and Phil has made a name for himself by independently producing professional caliber comedy locally. His company, Comedy CNY (Central New York), has been producing stand-up comedy for over 4 years. He is passionate and dedicated to the craft of stand-up comedy. He makes a living with comedy and trivia and his goal with Stage Time Trivia is to help other comedians reach the goal of doing comedy full time.

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