You will need access to the following stuff to run a successful trivia night:

  • A reliable color printer.
    You’ll need a decent quality color printer to print the Picture Rounds. These are full pages with 10 color pictures each and you will generally need to print 10 per night. If you don’t have access to your own personal printer you may be able to print these at Staples, a local print shop, or library. All of our other rounds are designed to look just fine in black & white.
  • Plenty of printer paper.
    We boast our trivia night has the largest carbon footprint of any trivia night, but in reality paper is a completely renewable resource. Let that ease your conscience as you print off approximately the following number of sheets per night:

    • 20 General Answer Sheets
    • 10 Picture Rounds
    • 10 Matching Rounds
    • 4 Out of Order Rounds
    • 1 Scorecard

You’ll be printing off up to 50 sheets per night. It sounds like a lot, but rest assured we’ve done the math and it’s roughly $0.50 worth of paper each night. LINK TO PAPER

  • A bulk amount of pens or pencils.
    Pens are the #2 most lost, stolen, and misplaced item on the planet, second only to lighters. You’ll need plenty of pens and/or pencils for your teams, approximately 8-10 each night and if you’re lucky you’ll recover 3 of those. If you can’t find or steal your own stash of pens, they can be purchased on Amazon for as low as $0.08 each for a package of 60. LINK TO PENS
  • A sound system.
    You may not actually need this if your venue has its own equipment, but 9 times out of 10 you’ll need to provide your own sound. This doesn’t need to be anything too elaborate. A basic amp, speaker, and microphone set up will generally do. The larger and louder the bar the more volume you will need though. I prefer a set up that can also play music in between rounds, but most bars will give you access to their jukebox and the remote if you don’t have music capabilities.

Those are just the BASICS and most trivia nights don’t require more than the basics, but this is YOUR trivia night and you are free to get as creative and elaborate as you’d like. In addition to music I also run various sound effects through my Smartphone to liven up the experience, for example. As the Trivia Master you’re representing YOUR brand of comedy so the sky is the limit. You could set up some DJ lights, or a pinspot (small spotlight) to enhance your presence, for example.