What’s Included With Each Download

  1. Instructions – How To Run Trivia (Word Document)
  2. General Answer Sheets (PDF)
    • 3 General Answer Sheets Per Page
  3. Complete Trivia Packet – with Questions & Answers (Word Document)
  4. Picture Round (PDF)
  5. Out of Order Round (PDF)
    • 3 Sheets Per Page
  6. Matching Round (PDF)
  7. Scorecard Sheet (PDF)

What Makes The Stage Time Format Better

Stage Time Trivia is designed to be simple to execute and require as little equipment and set up as possible.  There is no laptop required. It is designed to be HANDS ON to engage and entertain your audience. Week after week you will make personal connections with the crowd. They will hand you their answer sheets with a smile and you’ll learn their names. It’s this kind of direct connection to your audience that builds fans and regulars.

How Much Does Trivia Pay

This will vary by market, but generally a Stage Time Trivia night can pay anywhere from $100 up to $200. Here’s some examples of factors that will impact what you can charge:

  • What the market can afford.
    • You can do a little reconnaissance and learn what bars are paying for other entertainment services: DJs, karaoke, and existing trivia nights. Consider the flat rate as compared to the hourly rate. For example, a DJ might get paid $400 a night, but they also play and keep people there(if they’re good) for 4 hours. You will never get paid more than the market (your local area) can afford, so knowing the going rate is important. If all the other factors below are in your favor you can earn a premium price at the high end of that spectrum.
  • The venue.
    • A bar will generally need to see a return of three times what they spend on entertainment for it to be worthwhile. If the venue is a large, successful bar or restaurant there is a much better chance they will hit that number. A larger, more successful bar will be able to afford to spend more on entertainment.
  • Your experience.
    • If you’re a truly entertaining act that is going to immediately connect with people, entertain them, and create recurring customers you can charge more because you provide more value and can prove it immediately.
  • Your draw.
    • This might be the single biggest factor in justifying your asking price. Your draw refers specifically to your fan base that you can get to come out and spend money regularly. If you’re a well recognized veteran comic or a local brand with a massive fan base that will come support you, for example, you have a great draw. You can charge a premium price because you will bring in enough business to cover your cost.
    • It’s often necessary to offer a low introductory rate when starting out at a new venue. A new trivia night can take up to 6 months to grow into a successful, profitable night for a bar. A venue will not pay out more than they take in for more than a few weeks before they decide “trivia isn’t working” and discontinue it. You can avoid this pitfall by offering to grow as your trivia night grows. You might start out charging an introductory rate as little as $50 per night with the contingency that you will receive a $25 raise every 4 weeks up to $150. Your price will scale up slowly over 4 months as trivia grows and starts to bring in more revenue for the bar.