Format: There are a multitude of different trivia formats out there and ours follows the origins of English pub trivia in which all teams receive pen and paper to write their answers on. This format—while creating a massive carbon footprint—is also a live-hosted, interactive trivia game, where the Trivia Master personalities are put to work to keep the audience engaged and entertained.  It’s no secret that the most important component of a successful trivia night is a great host and nobody is better qualified to be exactly that than a comedian.

Stage Time Trivia features 4 question & answer rounds, 1 picture round, 1 Out of Order Round, 1 Matching Round, and a final PLOT TWIST round for a total of 8 rounds.

The game is specially designed to keep all players entertained and involved until the very end. Any team, regardless of how abysmal their point total might look, will have an opportunity to wager points and potentially make a miracle win from out of nowhere.

How long does it take? Each Trivia lasts approximately 90 minutes, but can run up to 2 hours depending on the venue, number of teams playing, and number of drunk people. This is designed to run the same length as a comedy show. The ideal Trivia runs at a steady pace while allowing patrons to casually eat, drink, and chat between rounds. The goal is to draw a large crowd, keep them entertained for the duration, and leave them smiling and wanting more. This is how you’ll establish regular teams over time and keep your venues happy.