Hi, I’m Phil Farda. I’m based in Central (Upstate) New York (Utica, near Rome and Syracuse). I’ve been performing as a local and regional stand up act since 2002. In 2012, ten long years later, I left my full time job after being fired to pursue comedy full time. It was a rocky start. I live in an area that was a virtual comedy ghost town. A city with no comedy club, no open mic, and no comedy scene for nearly 60 miles. But I love my hometown. I quickly realized that if I was going to make a living from comedy I needed to become an entrepreneur and create a local comedy scene from scratch. I started booking, marketing, and producing my own shows. The demand for live comedy was there, but the profit margins on these shows were slim and certainly not enough to live on.

To supplement, I started running a Wednesday trivia night with the help of friend and fellow comedian Will Phillips. Soon after I booked another trivia on Monday. Then another on Tuesday. It wasn’t long before all of my “off nights” were booked and I was making a reliable wage from trivia alone. I was earning decent money and my schedule was still wide open to perform comedy and produce shows Thursday through Sunday.

I wanted to make this possible for others. I created Stage Time Trivia to help comedians and outgoing individuals earn an income while doing what they love. My friend Will and I have developed a really entertaining trivia format that is easy to execute and makes the host the star of the show. We write a new trivia game every week so all you have to do is download the content, print it out, and host your own night. Our content subscription is just $20 per download and you can earn between $100-200 a night running it at a local bar or restaurant.